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A 4-day work week in NCDC is becoming a reality

1st of February NCDC introduces a 4-day work week thus giving its teams a 3-day weekend every week.

According to the company’s founder, Pawel Finkielman, he is convinced the new work model will positively affect the quality produced as well as the happier life of employees. We are convinced this is the right way to go forward, as well in regard of people as the way of doing business.

The pandemic emphasized the need for flexibility but also the need to focus on what is really important in both business as well as the private life. People have been juggling work and everyday duties during the pandemic, but we also risk blurring the line between both. This is a mental challenge, but also a challenge of securing quality worktime, space for concentration and at the same time room for cooperation with colleagues and clients.

We now use this as a positive catalyst to implement changes.We think it is safe to say that for 20 years the well-being of the people in NCDC has always been a part of NCDC’s DNA, with many different initiatives over the years. NCDC follow a Scandinavian work culture, with a flat structure, no rigid work framework and with roles instead of positions. We place particular emphasis on the health and well-being of the people in NCDC, constantly evolving in the way we work and the conditions we offer. Healthy meals for employees, extensive social facilities and benefits supporting the condition of employees. So, a 4-day work week with no change in salary is a natural next step for us.

Several studies show that taking the necessary breaks clear the mind and make way for better and more creative thinking. Having 3 days to relax has a huge positive influence on work-life balance and on the mental health, as well as the quality of the work. On top WHO has warned of a mental-health crisis and urges organizations to invest in preventive measures, hence our goal is having happy, healthy and purpose driven employees that deliver value to our customers.

Of course, going into a 4-day work week is not just about cutting down on working hours, but also about doing our daily business in a different way. Reviewing our processes, creating room for concentration and focused work, optimized workflows, less, shorter and more effective meetings etc.
We believe that the 4-day work week will allow us to change our habits, break with traditional frameworks and use our creative brains to work to explore how we can be more efficient and innovative. This will be achieved by enabling a stronger boundary between being at work and free time, with 3 days to recharge and take care of your mental health and general well-being.

We are convinced this new work model where the focus is on quality outcomes rather than time spent working will positively affect the quality produced as well as the happier life of employees. We believe this will be the future of how people see their work life, with more focus on free time, and thus, being an important part of securing NCDC as a competitive company on the market and making NCDC an attractive workplace.

We thank the people in NCDC and our customers for their openness and willingness to work with us through this new transition. We believe together we can make this work to the benefit of all. And we of course assure our clients that we will do our outmost to solve any obstacles and continue to support their needs and the growth of their organization.


How does our 4-day week work?

                        • Flexibility of work time outside of 9am to 2:30pm  
                        • Shorter and only crucial meetings
                        • Focus on working in a flow