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NCDC is Polish-Danish company with headquarters based in Szczecin, Poland.

Founded in 1997 by Pawel Finkielman, the company has always been at the forefront of insurance systems, due to its focus on the latest technology and business practices as well as on its collaboration with customers.
The company works with leading insurance firms around the world, helping our clients to make lasting improvements to their performance and to realize their most important goals.
NCDC offers a wide range of services, from professional consulting services to SaaS / Cloud solutions. We employ unique methods and tools developed over the years. We are proud to have completed one of the fastest and most effective implementations in TIA history, including backend applications as well as the Internet components.
We continue to grow at an enormous rate, with almost 100 employees and rising. We take a consistent approach to the recruitment and development of our people, ensuring that we can rapidly create the right team, with the relevant knowledge and experience, for any customer in the world.
The quality of our employees is the basis of our ability to serve our customers. For this reason, we invest enormous resources in identifying unique individuals, developing their skills, and creating a professional and satisfying environment in which they can grow.

Build the future of your insurance company with a partner you can trust.