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Application process

Whether you’ve just applied or still browsing around, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll see what each step of our recruitment way entails, so there’s no step that’ll catch you off-guard.

1 Your application

Do you feel you fit in nicely with our culture, got the skills and experience?
Let’s know your story and see if it can help us continue to tell ours.

2 Technical position

Depending on the applied vacancy, you’ll receive a programming task to solving.
It will help us screen your skills and your style of coding.

3 First interview

In this interview, we want to know more about you – what excites you about technology but not only, how you can help us solve challenges? We share our passion so show us yours!

4 Second interview

Now is the time for the teaser trailer – we’ll dive into your potential role, showing you how you’ll fit into your team and contribute to our vision.

5 The final decision!

Passed your interviews with flying colors? Convinced that you want to be a part of our #ncdc_team? Cue the fireworks, because we’ll start the onboarding.