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We pride ourselves on having built an open and inclusive environment where you can focus on doing great work.

When we went looking for a new place we were looking for something unique that we could make our own.

We found this old red brick industrial building, and with a lot of love and creativity, we turned it our center of creativity.It used to be part of a military complex and housed a large scale laundry with huge boilers. The boiler room we made into our lunch hall and we kept the chimney because chimneys are great!!

History made its mark on our basement, where old reminiscents of the Szczecin fortress was found. Obviously we kept that part on display and our building made its way into the local newspapers.

Then we set our eyes on the building next door. An abandoned Barack, also previously a part of the same military complex. It looked horrible, and for some reason, the bricks were a weird purple, likely the leftover paint from some factory. We never found a logical explanation. However, it was only a one-story building and that would not be enough. We expanded the building upwards adding a second story. Everything except the walls was ripped out, and a second story added with the concept that it should be clear, what was the old original and what was new. So now we have taken use of a wonderful building with red brick walls at the base, and steel and glass at the top. The first floor has an awesome view directly to the treetops, and advanced windows make sure that a lot of light comes in, but heat is reflected.

Social and lifestyle facilities make a difference

When Pawel Finkielman started NCDC, he and the other two staffs, working together for the company shared a small apartment “All we had then was a corner for a desk”. Today NCDC offers carefully designed, high-quality office space with a range of facilities to maximize productivity and help to energize team of 140 people.

Having a place to take a break is important, and on all floors, we have our kitchens with fruit and drinks. Some of them have bar tables, some have couches and lounge chairs.Outside our buildings are also chairs and small tables to enjoy some fresh air and a chat. where one person is taking a break, others will join. For more peace and quiet we placed benches in our gardens, and for those that like to walk while thinking the garden, paths are made for just that purpose.
The basement is for the more noisy version of relaxing, with the mandatory pool table, table tennis, sandbag for those that need to release some tension, and many tables and reclining chairs for those that are waiting their turn. The basement is also the center of the  team events.

alt="football game in the chill room"