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An outsourced TIA Solution for small- to mid-sized companies



Saas4TIA is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses that want a standard solution but may consider the implementation cost of TIA a little too expensive.

For companies that fit this profile and believe that TIA is the right choice for them, NCDC delivers Saas4TIA at a very reasonable fixed rate.



This TIA solution is deployed on NCDC-operated servers hosted with a professional partner (in Denmark: Steria A/S). Saas4TIA allows insurance companies to run the TIA solution entirely outsourced, in a simple browser with a state-of-the-art user interface




Back Office

Also known as a call- and service-center application:

  • Country-specific functionality
  • Policy administration
  • Commission and reinsurance
  • P&C products such as car, boat, motorbike etc.
  • Customer and third-party administration
  • Claims handling and workflow
  • Accounting
  • Complaints
  • User and authorization
  • Batch handling and printing
  • Other standard TIA elements

Front Office

Also known as a web solution:

  • Web-shop
  • Price calculation and quotation
  • Purchasing process, including credit-card payments
  • MyPage / Customer 360-degree
  • Policies and quotations, including MTA and renewals
  • Claims and complaints
  • Payments/receivables/account statements/reminders
  • Communications log and documents
  • Send notes
  • Claims notification
  • Product-specific notification
  • File upload of images or other material


Saas4TIA provides all the needed functionality to run an insurance business effectively. It has standard call-center and service-center functionality, claims handling, financial processing, all legislatively required interfaces as well as interfaces to service suppliers and with process atomization support.

It also features a fully-fledged, easy to adapt web solution with a web store that is ready to quote and sell insurances, MyPage for a full 360-degree customer overview, and Web-Claims for easy-to-use claims notification


Fixed flat-rate monthly license, based on GWP (gross written premium):

Includes updates of system and application software, all within specific time frames
All system monitoring, backup, maintenance, and other application or system tasks is included
The possibility of acquiring other modules, such as BI, car registration etc..

A built-in exit strategy:

If you wish to leave the cloud solution for another TIA installation, we guarantee that it can be done without any loss of data.
Saas4TIA has all the advantages of the TIA system, along with NCDC’s decades-long experience and all the benefits of outsourcing.

Thanks to the predefined configuration and the power of our Fast Track Implementation system, Saas4TIA saves you time, money, and headaches.