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Insurance sales processes on the Internet

Web4TIA is a web application for dealing with insurance sales processes on the Internet. NCDC can create a flexible website that allows users to modify layouts, customize design and configure page elements. The site supports different language versions and national formats and units.

The website is dynamic, reacting automatically to TIA configuration changes. NCDC can provide a “standalone” web application with an included content management system (CMS) or integrate the application with an existing website or CMS solution.

The key features of the website are:

  • Web sales process (B2C);
  • Agent site (B2B);
  • Claim notification process;
  • User account (My Page) for returning customers.


The user account page presents:

  • Valid policies;
  • Quotations;
  • Claim handling status;
  • Payment history;
  • Personal data.