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If you are driven, enthusiastic, and looking for a rewarding environment, then come and be a part of the team.

NCDC hire a wide range of professionals, from interns to full-time employees, with
a focus on technical competence (back-end and front-end developers, full-stack developers), business skills (UX designers, project managers, scrum masters, business analysts ), and more.

Technical professions: the 5 steps of the recruitment process

Apply to NCDC

We conduct continuous, open recruitment for the positions such as programmer
to supplement ourexperienced teams. We relieon a straightforward and efficient recruiting procedure but each recruitment is unique.

There are various ways to begin the NCDC recruitment process. Have you applied for the job offer that matches your profile in our recruitment space? Have you ever submitted an application on the spur of the moment? Have you been referred to us by one of our employees?

Congratulations, the hiring process has officially begun!

Reviewing your application

While our guiding principles describe the way we work together in NCDC and what drives us in our daily work, we identified some characteristics that define how we expect our people to contribute to our success – now and in the future.
We don’t expect you master them all, but these ‘NCDC characteristics’ tell you what we’re looking for when we hire people to our team. We hope that you can recognise some of these in yourself.









    Freedom – that is, clear expression, but I also have listening.


    Ability to work in a team. You have to be able to act with others.

    Do you aim high, demonstrate passion, and have the will to go the extra mile for the team to succeed?
    Do you have the bandwidth, knowledge, and skills to grasp, structure, and solve daily challenges?

    Writing code can be tedious and lengthy. The consequence of pursuing a goal, as well as patience and determination, is desirable.



    It’s cool if you can try to solve problems on your own. If “I can’t do it” you replace it with “I’ll find out how.”


    Are you paying attention to details – sometimes one agent is missing, that the code will not be able to do it as it should. This is what we need.


    This feature comes in handy when we need to have the best or the best solution to our problem.

    The HR Interview

    This first interview gives you the opportunity to discuss your background with our HR team your expectations for the role, your motivation, and your professional goals in general. NCDC will outline the expected missions and their context, including the NCDC’s rules, the organization of the office , and our team spirit!


    Say hello with Liliana
    “We want to get to know you as a person and understand how you can make a positive impact in your role at NCDC.
    Casual coffee meetings? This is how we do it!”

    Liliana Zimnicka HR Manager at NCDC





    Each recruitment is unique, and we believe that our candidates and NCDC should be a perfect match. We are providing an integration to all of our new workers in order to help them start on NCDC team.

    Technical task

    This part of technical of the hiring process is with one of our experts to verify your knowledge and business/technical expertise. Tasks are used to veryfie the level of your skills you give us in your application and at the interviews. On this stage you can meet a member of the team you might join. It enables us to envision a common future and offer our projects and news. In a nutshell, to give you a flavor of what it’s like to be a member of NCDC teams!

    Key talk

    Joining the team means becoming part of something bigger: we are 140 individuals, obsessed with making solutions simple and effortless for our customers. You’ll be joining a great company , diverse culture that’s all about getting it done together. Here, anyone who wants to make a difference can create an impact.



    Say hello with Paf
    “Our organization is built on trust and responsibility for the individual with a special focus on quality, regardless of whether it is about the product we deliver, the way we treat each other, or what role we have in the daily work. Respect, trust, and quality is our target.”

    Pawel Finkielman (Owner and founder of NCDC)




    Congratulations! You’re part of the team

    – and we want you to feel welcome straight away.

    Your onboarding journey starts before you arrive on your first day, and you’ll receive all the information and resources you need to succeed.


    We believe in the value you bring to the team

    Join our talent community

    You are kindly requested to include the following clause in your application:
    Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie danych osobowych zawartych w mojej aplikacji przez firmę NCDC S.A.(Nordic Consulting & Development Company S.A. ul. Bartosza Głowackiego 4, 70-238 Szczecin) do celów obecnego i przyszłych procesów rekrutacji. Oświadczam, iż zostałem/am poinformowany/a, ze administratorem moich danych osobowych w rozumieniu art. 4 pkt 7 RODO jest firma Nordic Consulting & Development Company S.A., która przetwarza dane osobowe zawarte w mojej aplikacji w celach rekrutacyjnych. Zostałem/am poinformowany/a o dobrowolności podania danych, prawie do wglądu w ich treści oraz ich poprawiania i usuwania.