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Protecting the Planet for Future Generations

NCDC is committed to doing its part to protect the planet and create a positive environmental legacy for future generations.

In 2021 we have been awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. NCDC received good results in all four criteria including the environment, labor, and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Social responsibility is the part of NCDC’s DNA since the beginning of the company. We do our best to create a friendly workplace and we care about our local community by prioritizing partnerships with local firms.


Every year NCDC is reducing waste and energy consumption, proceeding with daily business more sustainably

Heating, cooling, and ventilation is a huge challenge, but by challenging contractors and ourselves we managed to get all heating build into the floors to avoid visible radiators, and the need for cooling is minimized by using all the right materials and a focus on airflow.

People spend a lot of their lives “living” in the office, so we want to make some smart choices in our daily routines.

On Wednesday  we invite a local supplier  “Dżus Wóz” to prepare a  freshly pressed juice, but otherwise, we encourage drinking plain water. We have installed water filters and the tap water in our lunch halls is chilled and carbonated by choice at the tap. We have local restaurants delivering our lunch buffet, with a wide choice of salads and a meat-free dishes.

Environmental care issues from the very beginning have been important to our company.

Limiting waste is a focus, and we eliminated all paper towels, so in all bathrooms, we have hand towels. Washing them and rolling them into small tubes, is a triple win. It saves paper, it is cheaper and it gives a great luxurious feeling to grab a fresh towel, use it, and throw it in the wash basket.

alt"healthy lunches"
alt="hand towel used as a substitute for paper towels lie in evry bathroom"

Parking in the city center is always a problem and we would never be able to make enough parking spots for everyone. So we have just a few for the visitors, and then we made a lot of room for bicycles. Even if Szczecin is not traditionally a bike-friendly city, bike lanes are popping up, and the number of people arriving on a bike is increasing.We encourage people to move around on foot, by bike or by public transport, which has a positive influence on  health and wellbeing.

One time a year we invite a local bike mechanic, and that is a great time for people to get the bike tuned in.

alt="nice vblack bicycle leaning against the red wall"