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Senior Java Developer

 <center><br>Szczecin office / Koszalin office / Remote </br></center>

Szczecin office / Koszalin office / Remote

   <center><p>Competence level</p>  Senior </center>

Competence level


Required skills:


Tech Stack (but not limited to)

Work Methodology:

Agile methodology with daily stand-ups, sprint reviews and retrospectives

1-week sprints for implementation

2-week sprints for maintenance

Infrastructure: on-premise and cloud 

Issue Tracking = Jira 

DevOps Setup = Jenkins CI/CD, Docker, Bash, Git, Nexus

Container orchestration tools: Docker Compose/Swarm 


Great opportunity to:

If you like to have an influence on tech choices/ solutions 

Play an important part of building a core system with microservices architecture 

If you like have a high level of autonomy and flexibility 

Join a successful agile interdisciplinary team that ideas and open discussions (about 50% seniors) 

Have long term stable work without having to be held back by large company bureaucracy

Project Scope

The continuation of design, development, delivery, and maintenance of our own next-generation process-oriented insurance software platform based to enable future business growth through connections for foreign international insurance companies. Including front-office web applications, customer portals, business services, and workflow engines.

NCDC’s mission is to help insurance companies build their future, we develop and operate insurance systems for insurers in Europe and Latin America. Founded in 1997, NCDC has grown to over 120 people while keeping a flat structure and mgt also writing code. The insurance industry has a long history of stability, most of our customers have provided continuous projects for over 5 years.

If you are experienced enough to come up with your own solutions and ideas, pay attention to code architecture and optimization, we’d like to meet you.