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Software development
  • We are experts in most modern front-end and back-end languages and frameworks.
  • Our main area of expertise is Java Enterprise Edition and Java-related frameworks, with Spring being the most popular and used the most by NCDC.
  • The modern web design is achieved using classic HTML5 and CSS. We develop advanced solutions for interactive web UI’s using modern frameworks and libraries like Angular and React.
  • We have Certified SQL and PL/SQL experts. Tailored to the specific purpose, our applications utilize classic, enterprise-level data storage, as relational like Oracle, PostgreSQL, or modern, lightweight, document-based databases like MongoDB.
  • The software architecture is tailored for the specific purpose and can range from a classic approach to the most modern microservices pattern.
  • No insurance system is isolated, and we develop both REST and SOAP APIs.
Best practices
  • NCDC has developed a structured software development process that improves efficiency, transparency and code quality.
  • We keep the source code and the code review processes under the strict control of a GitLab server.
  • Wherever possible, we implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes. Using our Integrated development tools, we ensure code auditing and traceability.
  • The tailored Quality Assurance and Quality Control is a mandatory part of each development team. Workflows are defined in Jira and based on customizable templates.
Standards and audits
  • We developed our internal software development standard policies, which link industry best practices with custom tailored solutions created by NCDC.
  • As of January 2020, NCDC holds an independent service auditor’s report based on ISAE 3402 standard regarding TIA platform services.
  • NCDC recognizes that information has to be tightly managed, controlled, and protected properly. NCDC underwent ISO 27001 audit and achieved ISO 27001 certification first in May 2018 (issues by DEKRA Certification GmbH) and continues passing yearly recertification since then.
Team dynamics
  • We deploy customer centric teams with a dedicated account or project manager with the insurance domain knowledge to support customers and lead the team.
  • In all teams, the Technical team leader is focused on delivery excellence.
  • The adoption of commonly known methodologies  is tailored to the customer needs and project specifics, ranging from Agile approach (ScrumDevOps), through hybrid (Prince2 Agile) to the classic waterfall. The approach is being carefully evaluated for each team and customer.
  • The teams are supported and governed by a cross-company Project Management Office (PMO). Our project managers hold the most recognized certifications – Project Management Professional (PMP), Prince2, ITIL, and Scrum Master.
TIA development & maintenance
  • With 20 years of experience, NCDC is about deep expert knowledge of the operation, maintenance, and development of  TIA. NCDC’s core is PL/SQL expertsOracle. DBAsJava and ADF developers to support any kind of Application Maintenance and Application Development on all versions of TIA, including the rare TIA Life.
  • We have vast experience in TIA platforms both on premisetraditionally hosted and in Oracle Cloud platform.
  • We emphasize structured TIA development and maintenance approach incorporating the best CI/CD practices and toolsets based on Git SCM – build pipelines, automated builds, and installations.
Process-oriented insurance software platform
  • NCDC has developed a next generation process-oriented insurance software platform based to enable future business growth through connections
  • Highly customizable with configurable business modules, fast implementation of insurance products, claim types, and business rules.
  • Reduces the burden of software development.
  • Adabilble to the most efficient workflows.

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