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AIzona core SaaS insurance solution

With over 6 service modules, including: policy management, accounting and claims

Lightning Fast Quoting

Reduce drop off rates by prepopulating most of the required personal and object data using smart integrations

No Expensive Licensing

Control your costs  with an individually tailored SaaS cloud native subscription with bundled basic maintenance and support fees

Launch Innovative Tailored Products

Be responsive in rolling out new insurance products to evolve with the changing needs of the market, meeting new consumer expectations, and addressing the new types of risks that are emerging.

Smart 360 Customer View


  • Serve your customer faster and better by keeping track of relevant information and history
  • Personalize interactions, empower your agent to find the best solutions, bundle and upsell

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Customer Self-Service Portal

Customers are more digital and have higher expectations than ever before

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  • Reduce support costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Grow revenue with an effective online channel

Equip your customers to view policy and claims info, quote, request a MTA

Speed Up

Speed claim processes mobile capture and real-time data extraction and verification.


Eliminate manual tasks and increase accuracy and efficiency with automatic data entry from captured photos or documents.


Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes and free knowledge workers for value- add tasks.

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