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TIA Developer

We are looking for an experienced TIA Developer who have extensive knowledge of insurance and expert knowledge of the functionality of key TIA modules

  <center><br>Szczecin office / Koszalin office </br><p>remote work possibilities</p></center>

Szczecin office / Koszalin office

remote work possibilities

   <center><p>Competence level</p> Regular  / Senior </center>

Competence level

Regular / Senior

Required skills:


Nice to have:

As a TIA developer, you will be involved in the following activities:

Translating business requirements into technical projects

Developing new functionalities

Participation in the quality assurance process and maintenance of the existing functionality 

Providing advice and recommendations to clients based on clients’ business needs 


NCDC’s mission is to help insurance companies build their future, we develop and operate insurance systems for insurers in Europe and Latin America. Founded in 1997, NCDC has grown to over 120 people while keeping a flat structure and mgt also writing code. The insurance industry has a long history of stability, most of our customers have provided continuous projects for over 5 years.

We focus on competence, collaboration, and continuous improvement. We create a culture where each individual can grow in their desired direction.
We are looking for an experienced TIA Developer.